You got Nazis in the closet still dear?

The devil’s been busy lying over the fake virus cover-story for chemical slow-kill murders…

Here’s more hash reality America has been taught to deny, their US Fed created the Nazis…

Freemasons know the Fuhrer, Stalin, and Prince Phillip, were Prescott’s half-brothers?

Freemasons in the FBI ever discover which Freemasons in the CIA wired up WTC7 yet?

Former FBI Director Mueller aware his biological father is a Knight of Malta Freemason?

Is he aware that among his half-brothers are a Masonic pope and Russian Foreign Secretary?

And that among his half-sisters are a (Perhaps) soon-to-be US President and British Queen?

You think Freemason and former FBI Director Mueller will ever come out of the Nazi closet?

And will the Masonic crisis-response scenario world-govt ever stop being so totally batshit?

Or will their crisis-scenario PsyOp simply go on and on and on and on and on, and then some?

If the national security card is played, answer with the Masonic Aryan Afghan Lithium theft…

Maybe Quentin Tarantino can do an Indie movie about it, one of the weird movies he does…

Kind of like Alfred Hitchcock’s movie PSYCHO but set in modern-day Masonic Washington…

And that Nazi in the Lady’s closet, do you think that should be in the movie too do you?

Looks like a sarcasm bat bit me good now, an accurate (Fcuking) sarcasm bat at that…

You’re all being lied to about everything, the dictionary meaning of everything…


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