So its official, nothing of this is true!

History is a set of lies agreed upon Napoleon said, and they’re still creating that narrative too…

In context, you may be surprised to learn who’s literally related to whom by Aryan bloodlines…

A small number of Americans are aware the former CIA director and Secretary of State Pompeo is literally the illegitimate bastard son of former KGB general Georgy Malenko, perhaps fewer would know that he’s an illegitimate half-brother to Chinese president Faux-JinPing as well as Ukrainian funnyman Vlodomir Zelinski, as well as Russian premier Medvedev, however, I’d wonder just how many of them know that via Malenko the bloodline goes back to Rasputin, and keeping peasants clueless and confused is a very profitable business in their Knight of Malta New World Order…

What do you do when there’s no reason to believe, and nothing was ever true in the first place?

What do you do if nothing you’re told is true, and occasional half-truths are only part of the lie?

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