Was a gay bar in the WTC-7 basement?

Know what America, you’re one of the most cretinous countries on the entire fcuking planet… As usual my sense of sarcasm was kicked into gear listening to congress waffle on about all sorts of things on CSpam internet radio, Chuck Schumer to be precise, but just as my sarcasm was about to become aggressive and […]

A Latin phrase that means pointless?

Reality is a far cry from the farce that Masonic Washington sells to all of it’s servile citizens… Even today few people can comprehend the fact that Ronnie Raygun was literally 41’s uncle… No big secret the US Fed was created in 1913 with stolen Rus-gold, but Umm, stolen by, Ahh? Umm, Ahh, stolen by […]

I’m non-combatant enemy status still?

The phrase Козел Иуда means “Judas Goat“ in Russian, maybe it means that in Ukrainian too? Another look at the resemblance between 41’s father and Adolf Hitler, take a real good look… I’m still waiting to give evidence on crimes against humanity US Govt’ employees performed… I’ve grown tired of Washington’s denials, their spin, distractions, […]

Relevant inconvenient truth for you?

Not too smart the American voter, noticed how much Prescott and Hitler look like brothers? Before moving on, notice again Prescott and Germany’s Fuhrer look like brothers, the reason they do is that both were illegitimate sons of the Russian-born Iranian Rasputin, whoever their mother really was, often Rasputin would inseminate cousins by force, anyway […]

Desperate predicament in Geopolitics?

Washington facilitates a (2006-10) Spetsnaz war crime cover-up with disingenuous fake news… Older people may still be aware an official declaration of war against Vietnam was never made and much the same can be said for the US carpet bombing of Cambodia ~ No official declaration of war was made against either nation, yet the […]

When did human stupidity first begin?

But many of you already know the rest of that story from your Sunday School years don’t you… People have believed stupid shit from the very beginning haven’t they, maybe it’s time to stop? Not trying to insult you cretins, but if you are insulted, must’ve been something I’ve said Huh? So when did human […]

How to fix institutionalized stupidity?

It was all a deceitful convoluted congressional lie, by Dec’ 2020 Washington was in lockdown… What that means is that after the demonstrations that occurred as a response to the 2018 midterm elections including rent-a-crowd riots in the Capital Building itself in Washington as was portrayed in a farcical Jan 6th dialogue both sides of […]

Restate the (Fcuking) obvious again?

World’s run by an old Masonic conspiracy of Aryan-descent cousins, get a clue before WW3… Surprise America, Prescott Bush’s nephew is currently Russia’s foreign secretary too as well… And Donaldo’ TRumpF? ~ His real (Ukrainian) mother was a half-sister to Lavrov’s real father… See how that woman looks like the Nazi above her ~ Pay […]

When hypocrisy prevails by default…

Been over 20 years already since a rather lame (And gay) cover-story first attacked America… There he is right there, he’s Masonic Washington’s radical Islamic Cessna-Pilot cover story… So many assholes seem to be waiting for everyone to fail due to a chronic lack of resources… These blogs attempt to express a few veiled hints […]

The constant fear of total exposure…

An economist from Turkey is predicting division between America and Um, China, so read-on… Some days you just make me wonder America, other days, I’ve no doubt at all you dumbasses… The psychological technique that Masonic–Washington uses for the sake of total control is simply smothering all possible practical and theoretical responses with a wall […]

Honesty versus their 24\7 sheet show!

Make America great again was Reagan’s catchphrase, and once more with this guy below too… One million + suspicious (Chemical slow-kill) deaths from a fake virus, but nobody is concerned? I’ve a short human interest perspective to place in my post, it concerns unsolicited advice an ex US Military man gave to a little boy […]

Shorter list of hypocritical idiocies…

Has anyone noticed that average Americans appear to be getting noticeably dumber of late? There’s the original Donald J. Drumpf (sic) pictured above opposite his mother, Mary Drumpf… They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, well that’s about 20,000 words already right there… Sure are dumb sumbitches aren’t you, all they gotta do […]

Deliberately forgetful again Skippy?

Saw Joanne Ratcliffe with her killer on the night of her murder, still waiting to give evidence… That’s Jane Beaumont, and I’m waiting to give evidence on her heinous torture and murder too… Joanne again below, I’m waiting to give evidence on what I’d witnessed the night of her death… This may be an uncomfortable […]

Well it’s just my bloody opinion then…

Having passed those moments Washington has to protect elections, I’ve got something to say… It concerns America at a time before the MAGA–meltdown when the greatest nation in the world was dreaming an American dream, the day Ronald Reagan took office, a glorious day in American history when the forces of goodness and niceness plus […]

A single stupid joke about democracy…

No jets hit any skyscrapers on Sept 11 did they, admit it, you been dcik-lickety stupid America… Never fear, a head of World Freemasonry just became the British monarch, he’ll fix everything… And all that stuff about stolen Afghan Lithium will all get buried under the sands of time right? In the middle of all […]

Evil on display, the Aryan’s in history…

Unless you were born congenitally stupid, please take the time to think about these graphics… Official stories stanketh (sic) like you’d expect 3-day-old cadavers to from the very beginning… Within the featured graphic today, an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magician named Jehovah slew all Egypt’s firstborn in the middle of the night after […]

Damn, now someone is definitely crazy!

We’re in really big trouble right now and, Um, believe it or not, much of it’s your fault America… Believe it or not, it’s Prescott’s grandson and Rasputin’s great-grandson in the graphic above… And that’s a recent or current head Freemason in the graphic above here, Britain’s new king… Bearing in mind Britain’s new king […]

Nov 8th two thousand & twenty two?

Let’s hear it for the greatest nation in the world, come-on everybody, Hooray, Hooray, Hooraay… There’s an election on so here’s my election comments right here ~ Enjoy the rest of my post… Treason hasn’t bankrupted America, it’s just got an anal-virginity deficiency-syndrome, right? Right under your noses, right under your fcuking noses, and the […]

Ya’ll still really-really sure America?

Okay, so I’m feeling a little bit sarcastic again, and I’m also feeling pretty fcuking accurate too… My graphics are meant to help untrained people think about Machiavellian real-world politics… Now don’t be idiots reader, don’t let those professional manipulators in Washington who sold you Cessna Pilots demolishing skyscrapers in New York and a mutating […]

The order of the ages is exigent now…

Every two years there’s an election, there was one two years ago, sometimes a new movie too… Seems like the world isn’t getting any smarter, matter of fact, it looks like it’s getting dumber… Every two years ever since WW2 the world got dumber, least in America it did, every two years… The Aryans played […]

Assigning and assassinating identity…

Soldiers and police had Washington locked down in Jan 2021 so Um, just full of shit aren’t you… High time you understood you’re a whore America, Russian pimps, and Iranian (Aryan) owners… And as for WTC7 literally being the New York office of the CIA well Um, Er, Um, Ah, Er, Um, Ah… Eventually the […]

And does America lack direction still?

Sarcasm, if beating the crap out of stupid people is either impossible, or simply just illegal… Almost as soon as the US Military was deployed in Afghanistan to quell a threat posed to the US Homeland by radical (Snigger) Islamic Cessna Pilots, earthmovers graders trucks and other heavy equipment was brought in at US taxpayer […]

Credibility? Gullibility? Or Stupidity?

Talking of credibility, gullibility, or stupidity, America always comes to mind for those last two… Skippies don’t score too high on their IQ-tester anymore either folks, but then, they never did… A short rant on elitist kiddie-fcukers, including his royal highness King Kiddie-fcuker himself… Not only did all sorts of powerful people, powerful Knight of […]

The roles of the Masonic Judas Goats…

What could they want a treason amnesty for, what could they ever want a treason amnesty for? Rasputin’s real father was an Iranian, he arranged a US birth certificate for one son, Prescott… From one comedian to another, Ya-sure-do look like Ya-father Josef too don’t you Volodymyr… Before they derail my focus again, here’s more […]

Some truly stunning hypocrisy now…

When it comes to hypocrisy you gotta take your hats off and bow to America’s Masonic Lodges… The context of this particular post was to remind America that Washington DC is (Always) lying… Apart from that, from highlighting the reason for their Ukraine lies, I’ve not much else to say… Other than to propose the […]

Known truths, Unknown truths, Lies?

Please look up the word sarcasm in an online dictionary reader, and then look up the word joke… I’m guessing they’re two different words with different meanings but please check for yourself… These posts aren’t a joke, they’re dead serious, tho occasionally, I’m a bit accurately sarcastic… Completed…  

And if ever there’s a lie, find out why…

Ukraine war crimes 2006–10 by Spetsnaz while under Lavrov’s Knight of Malta Masonic control… Two jets into 3 skyscrapers, two jets into 3 skyscrapers, and Umm, look out Dick, he’s got Covid? For the record, a right to articulately mock bullshit-artists is guaranteed 1st Amendment stuff… Are you happy yet voter? ~ If not, do […]

Rewriting erroneous official stories…

The story thus far… Average Americans have long been conditioned to think of the US Federal Reserve banking system to be their bank, as in, the country’s central bank, which it is, however, like the District of Columbia corporation their bank is 100% a private corporation with private owners ~ Even at this late a […]

An Iranian Masonic conspiracy theory!

Almost 80 years after Nazis stashed the looted gold in Crimea, an Iranian Masonic conspiracy… Aryan offspring of Rasputin have used the Masonic Lodge to wipe their ass with our humanity… It was Freemasons who wired the World Trade Center up, just an evil Luciferian criminal cabal… Any of you truly realize how completely insane […]

Your whore of Babylon is boring me…

People can be willfully stubborn, that’s fine, the problems begin when they’re willfully stupid… See if peeps are willfully stupid, they’ll join forces with each other to suppress intelligent folk… Just a joke Washington keeps saying, it’s all just a joke, according to them this is all just a joke… Well it’s not just a […]

November the 8th for the simpletons?

Humor aside (What humor) you got some really important issues to deal with haven’t you now… Now is the time to respond to my Ohio-born 5th before their next Knight of Malta Masonic lie… You’re governed by a Masonic Aryan conspiracy, the Aryans are an Iranian bloodline, Yankeez… The man below on the left is […]

Perspective on those lies you’ve lived!

The graphics aren’t a joke, they’re a way to give your untrained minds a political perspective… Try not to forget it was (Stolen) Russian gold that created the US Federal Reserve banks Yanks… Also you better not forget that for 109 years already you’ve been totally lied to 1000’s of times… My short Sept 11 […]

The District of Columbia head says so?

A cabal of Masonic clowns still claim a Chinese bat-virus pandemic ruined your economy Huh? Many Americans still seem clueless about how completely Masonic treason fcuks them over… As I’ve often stated in other posts in my various blogs over the last 10 or so years, there’s been a big all-encompassing conspiracy running things via […]

Should these blog-posts be censored?

A bipartisan (Masonic) consensus keeps claiming my blogs are just a joke, so here’s just a joke… Two political mushrooms down in Texas were sitting on an old pile of horseshit from Dealy Plaza, both are discussing their upcoming US federal elections this November, arguing about how each party is claiming to have a correct […]

Just this simple timely warning folks…

In the medium to long term, these might prove to be the most serious blogs you’ll ever read… Don’t believe a god-damn thing unless you speak to me face-to-face, I’m not just a comedian… The Masonic establishment still seems to be trying to set-up an identity-swap on me, be wary… Not even Hitler is who […]

Deception thru controlling dialogue…

Nothing is as you were told, it never was, it was all a deception via controlling your dialogue… Take the national debt for example, the real debt after a Nazi-gold x Reaganomics asset-strip that consumed the entire (Fully cashed-up) Social Security fund Slick Willy cashed in and used to pay the interest due in his […]

A smart boy, but, a very stupid world!

Is it time to remind the US that, supposedly, their WTC7 was wired-up by Islamic Cessna Pilots? Believing a fake Jan 6th 2021 farce repeated from 2019 maybe makes a mockery of everything… Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a Latin maxim meaning if you’re false in one thing then you’re false in everything […]

Multi-layered Masonic complexities…

All politics is local a lady said to me today, as much to remind me as to diminish my perspective? See that lady above, she’s literally the half-sister of the Nazi below, so now I’ll tell you a story… But then again, maybe I’ll tell you the story some other day, after some real support […]

NATO-Ho-Ho, full faith and credibility…

Seems timely to do this post now, featuring some of the various headers I’ve posted thus far… The current one now featuring the idiocy of Moses parting the Red Sea and the WTC7 collapse… That anyone, let alone Americans, could allow a political system to sell them the idiotic idea that Saudi Cessna Pilots trained […]

Dissenting from the official delusion…

It’s a treasonous headfcuk, I’d explain it to you but you won’t understand if you don’t want to… A man could be born in Russia of an Iranian father, or born in Russia of a Russian father, idiots… Two of Prescott’s illegitimate sons told me that, about Prescott, and his real father, Rasputin… Evidentally deceiving […]

Stunning display of Aryan psychosis…

You’d need a brief (But broad) overview of world history to grasp these political perspectives… Washington are still lying, they’re lying about me, they’ll lie about everything, better ask why… I’ve grown tired of explaining things Yankeez, or attempting to explain them, get a clue soon… Perhaps that pun of mine about Texan oilmen giving […]