When it’s just too hard not to laugh…

Read the other posts if you want sucker, then keep laughing if you’re a simpleton, or a child… God bless America talking heads in Washington often say over and over, god bless America… Meanwhile, if you’re just a child, but no simpleton, find the (Invisible) elephant in this room…

Its time to tell the real truth Skippy…

Some Skippies might be really shocked to learn just how total the Russian control has been… The illegitimate father of Keating, Lavrov, and Mueller, was Joanne Ratcliffe’s torture killer… His name was Odessa SS Walter Kutschmann, he was a very damaged warped soul indeed… The Rus-woman opposite the Ukrainian-born identity-swap Trump is one of his […]

A never-ending-lie gambit Washington?

Some of this might be funny if it was just a joke, but it’s not funny, cause it’s not just a joke… Beginning under the Ukrainian-born doppelganger Trump, he who took the name and identity of the original American-born Trump beginning in the late 80‘s and early 90‘s, in a disgusting display of hypocrisy and\or […]

More uncouth unfunny trench humor!

Some time back your media reported the then Prince Charles had become head Freemason… Guess which Masonic son of Rasputin once owned a company that wired-up the Twin Towers… Very good children, it was the grandfather of Dubya Bush, namely, Prescott Sheldon Bush… You were told Saudis did it, but it was actually all arranged […]

And I’m lawfully amusing myself still!

Try not to confuse yourselves America ~ Still an eyewitness to crimes against humanity too… Inferences allegations or accusations don’t mean squat, I’ve got eyewitness evidence to give… About crimes paid for by your DC corp’ and committed by Freemasons controlled by Russia… You’ve got some other big problems stateside don’t you, over a million […]

A very complicated Géopolitique Huh?

Look I’m not just mocking you America, I’m not, really, no really, no, I’m not mocking you, no… Well Okaay, maybe just a bit, in a good-natured light-hearted way, nothing really mean tho… But underneath all that I’m trying to communicate something, something really important… It’s something about who really rules all of you, or […]

Ever wonder what Russia be thinking?

You ever wonder what might be within Russia’s top-secret Sergey Lavrov report on America? Ever wondered what was in the top-secret report by Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman? If not, you ever wondered what may have been in Senator Prescott Bush’s top-secret report? Or ever wonder what was in that top-secret report Jerome Powell and […]

Reflections from a tough little cnut…

It’s entirely reasonable to assert the US is literally the most self-deluded nation on earth… Now in justification of the context of that broad brush statement, everybody knows that Dubya Bush was Prescott Bush’s grandson, everybody knows that as fact, that’s not contested, but what few people fail to grasp is Prescott was literally one […]

Has a never-ending lie mastered you?

Got a joke for you but it’s not very funny, the joke is, some of you still think Washington cares? Washington’s Machiavellian Masonic mafia, a political machine that sold you the idea of radical Islamic Cessna Pilots demolishing three New York skyscrapers with only 2 jets, the same political machine that’s been encompassing both sides […]

What role does truth play in America?

Once again, what role does truth play in America my post’s title very sarcastically postulates? Once Masonic Lodges start denying Nazi-things, their 0.02% truth rate drops exponentially… The woman above is that Russian-born Nazi’s half-sister, but, why could that possibly matter? A fortune in Afghan Lithium, drugs flown in at 30,000 feet, American treason is […]

All of the important upcoming issues…

You’re a very special sort of stupid aren’t you America, everybody agrees you’re exceptional… Yaa’ll had yourselves a very profitable Aryan Coup d’Etat via Rus-controlled Masonic Lodges… Ever since conspirators working within those lodges arranged the assassination of a fake Secret Service identity-double Kennedy in Dealy Plaza in place of the real Kennedy without the […]

You’re dcik-Likkuz-international still?

There’s a coincidence, those two Russian men both look like either brothers, or half-brothers… Cheney you’d remember from America’s Sept 11 Russian-Coup d’Etat on their US Constitution… By the time a photo of me below was taken, I’d witnessed him perform 3 ritual baby-murders… I’m waiting for a lawyer for all the human rights abuse […]

Are America and\or Russia just dumb?

Telling the truth may be a bit slanderous, especially in a country run by those you talk about… Allow me to tell you a story about who’s running things, we’re talking who really runs things… Not so surprisingly, the Freemasons doing front-office for the Order of the Ages will nearly always have a deft rebuttal […]

All of your stupidity is getting to me…

History of the world revolves around folks believing all sorts of folks who are lying to them… I’m still waiting to give an eyewitness account of US Govt crimes against humanity America… Now go read the rest of these posts for the context, and then respond to my 5th Amendment…

Over dumbing-down defeats my irony…

On behalf of the Aryan master race, for around 500 years Russia pimped Western civilization… Via Masonic Lodges, Prussia, Germany, Britain, and then America, all became their puppets… Masonic minds skill themselves in 2 things, a Luciferian dichotomy, a Luciferian deception… Now guess which Rasputin-son once owned a Twin Towers construction-supervisor company… He sold his […]

The mostly hidden political realities…

Please allow me to remind the vacant spaces between the ears of the average American that after the death of JFK was faked in Dealy Plaza, his Veep LBJ began not just an expansion of the Vietnam War but also embarked on his program using US Special Forces to abduct US Military ~ These were […]

Duh American presidential snapshot…

One of the three above is a KGB general, the other two show interest in becoming president… Which of them, if any, you choose to choose, you’ve no functioning center of truth in politics… Now you know Washington’s Freemasons aren’t big on honesty, you know that by now right? Just like to remind you that […]

Shortish list of extremely stupid lies!

Aryan Roman rulers crucified three men on Golgotha, but Um, only one cadaver was missing… And two jets flown by Cessna Pilots hit New York, so they say, but three skyscrapers fell down… Then the mutating Chinese bat-virus pandemic (Supposedly) killed over one million Americans? That over a million died isn’t disputed ~ It’s what […]

An American lie that’s most annoying?

For me, the Patriot Act is the most annoying American lie, Umm, yeah, their big Patriot Act… If you think Cessna Pilots demolished skyscrapers you’re an idiot, the complete asshat idiot… If you’re Russian and believe Chernobyl was just an accident then you’re also an asshat idiot… Those governing you only get away with treating […]

And the biblical whore of Babylon is?

Don’t mock what you don’t understand kids, wait till you understand it, and ‘THEN‘ mock it… Seriously, it’s always best to wait to fully understand something before you choose to mock it… Predating the Egyptian Pharaohs, an Aryan master race were, and are, the Order of the Ages… Of course, their Masonic status quo will […]

All the deceptions we’re living under…

Help me out here America, I’ve been having a real hell of a time assimilating your idiocies… Ever since the constitutional Coup d’Etat in 2001 there’s no way to avoid sarcasm anymore… So it’s time for a bit of an accurate whinge, a bit of an accurate timely whinge, about stuff… In Australia, things got […]

Sarcasm still the lowest form of wit?

America’s 46th president seeking re-election reminds me this can be a very crazy world… The 45th president seeking re-election reminds me of Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch… Granted that my level of sarcasm is just a wee bit too sophisticated for the average person to easily pick up on, I’d feel it’s necessary to point […]

Who wired-up the Trade Center Yanks…

Maybe it’d make sense if you realized you’re the whore of Babylon, and Russia is your pimp? Tho it’s a fact that’s almost totally avoided in most books and in all history lessons in schools the rulers of Russia became the defacto pimp the Aryan Order of the Ages (Ancient Iran) used to whore the […]

Getting all the important bits right…

Never before have so many owed so much to so few Jerome was heard to cackle to himself… So the nation is in trouble, big trouble, and there’s only one man who can possibly save you… Yeah okay, that’s just me being sarcastic up until you idiots respond to my 5th Amendment… That’s my baby-snatched […]

Now level with me, how dumb are you?

Sometimes the stupidity emanating from America annoys me, any time it’s not boring me… Does the repetitive nature of the Aryan conspiracy in your DC corporation bore all of you too? It certainly bores me, it’s done so since my early childhood where I’d often retreat to humor… Now the bits below aren’t in any […]

Radical Islamic Cessna Pilot disorder?

Right in the middle of the torture and terror as a child, I’d developed a dark sense of humor… It led me to deal with serious subjects by attempting to accurately mock them with dry wit… You just let me know if that’s illegal and I’ll consult with my lawyers immediately America… But there’s still […]

In the stupidest nation on the planet…

Idea for a new political-comedy show on the net, we could call it the sons of Georgy Malenko… Some of them keep accusing me of making trouble, in reality, I’m just calling them wankers… Don’t forget where you’ve been, Masonic Lodges told you Cessna Pilots demolish skyscrapers… So please let me know if you think […]

My particular personal perspectives…

A Redneck is a derogatory term chiefly applied to white Americans who are perceived to be crass and\or unsophisticated, often closely associated with rural whites of the Southern United States of America it can also be applied to anyone who for whatever reason (s) is doing anything at all in the dumbest way possible which […]

And still waiting to give evidence too…

The first graphics are a comment on absurd political realities, especially those over in America… In Australia in the mid 1960’s I’d witnessed well-known Freemasons torture babies to death… The absurdities you servile fools (Cocksuckers) then allowed them to foist upon you amazes me… One man below once owned a company that became construction-supervisor for […]

Just making some serious points here…

Like the title says, I’m trying to make some serious points, but mock my oppressors doing it… I’m hinting at a big Russian-controlled Masonic conspiracy, the response is to call me crazy? While Lithium was railed into China, the man below placed me on a proscribed person’s list… My only real crime was stating I’d […]

Their Russian manipulation machines…

Make America great again was Reagan’s shill, then a Ukrainian doppelganger said likewise… You been beating the stupid-stick too much haven’t you America, beating the stupid stick… Acting as a pimp for Iran, Masonic Russia used droll stupidities to overthrow your republic… Allow me to explain perspectives on the featured graphic, the US Fed, and […]

Just the simple overview you wanted?

Heads up zero’s, so I’m a comedian sometimes, but not everything I’m blogging on is a joke… It’d take at least 50 days with a barrister to write down what I’d witnessed CIA do to children… And that’d be just for the 20 child-murders I’d witnessed by 1970 alone, where’s your heads at? I’d asked […]

Precisely what are yaa’ll waiting for?

The Russian-born part–Iranian descent Grigory Rasputin pictured with three of his sons… Another Rasputin-offspring below, opposite a Ukrainian comedian who looks like his son… An old Aryan conspiracy still using Russia as it’s pimp, its as dishonest as it is monotonous… Would you swear on their Holy Bible that two Cessna Pilots demolished three skyscrapers? […]

Is it think global and act local still?

None of my posts are written for the sake of poor humor, tho I’ll admit that sometimes there are some funny bits and some may find those funny bits to be in poor taste, nevermind ~ For the sake of any without real depth in the Machiavellian conspiratorial madness currently ruling this world my featured […]

The safety and security of Americans?

But by the time that this picture below was taken, he’d already witnessed 15 child murders… I’m not making allegations or wild accusations, just placing some serious facts on the record… I’d often spoken to the man who abducted the girl pictured above, Joanne Ratcliffe, and a girl who was with her when she was […]

So its official, nothing of this is true!

History is a set of lies agreed upon Napoleon said, and they’re still creating that narrative too… In context, you may be surprised to learn who’s literally related to whom by Aryan bloodlines… A small number of Americans are aware the former CIA director and Secretary of State Pompeo is literally the illegitimate bastard son […]

Elite minds gathered for one purpose?

Still a witness to nine Knight-of-Malta ritual torture-murders on Aboriginal babies America… Two of the ritual killers were literally the Sept 11th Vice President, and his Defence Secretary… Somebody tried to get rid of the witness by running me over with a semi-trailer back in 1973 and it almost worked too, a truck-tyre bruise like […]

Do we dumb it all down any further?

Perhaps Washington already claims that featured graphic of Pompeo and Malenko is crazy? Often if not always these posts of mine are edited to provide a few extra perspectives to people who may still be lucky enough to read them in the middle of the post-Patriot-Act Orwellian farce America has allowed itself to become ever […]

So will Jesus Christ audit the US Fed?

Imagine it, the Lord Jesus Christ (Almighty) returns and the first thing he does is audit the Fed… If any of you genuinely think that’s sacrilegious then you’re an idiot aren’t you, a genuine idiot… A little bit of humor, a bit of sarcasm, plus some simple truths for any simple honest people… You’re either […]

If there’s just no reasons to believe…

If there’s just no reasons to believe the title of my post postulates, just no reasons to believe… You have the right to be constantly lied to, if you give up that right you’ll be lied to anyway… Again, if there’s just no reasons to believe, if there’s no possible reasons to believe anymore… Over […]

So Um, Washington begat Washington?

Disingenuous is the first word that springs to (My) mind from these few graphics posted today… I’m still kinda stunned some days at how easily servile bitches let the government lie to them… Take the Jan 6th debacle for example, perhaps as a distraction from the Afghan Lithium theft… With the capital under lockdown, official […]

I’m slanderously telling my truth Sir…

Know what soldier-boys, one of us is pretty dumb, it’s either you, or me, pretty fcuking dumb… Of course that’s not meant as an insult, and if it’s, Um, slanderous, that’s only because it’s true… Something’s still not right is it, Cessna Pilots don’t fly passenger jets, all along it’s been a lie… PS: Rampaging […]