Relevant inconvenient truth for you?

Not too smart the American voter, noticed how much Prescott and Hitler look like brothers?

Before moving on, notice again Prescott and Germany’s Fuhrer look like brothers, the reason they do is that both were illegitimate sons of the Russian-born Iranian Rasputin, whoever their mother really was, often Rasputin would inseminate cousins by force, anyway stolen Rus-gold was used to create the US Fed in 1913 which eventually financed German National Socialists in 1933 and it was stolen around 1907 or thereabouts, just after the Sir Alfred Noble Tunguska (Hint) incident went down most likely, not 1916 as some claimed ~ Like Sept 11 it was a conspiracy all along, sucker…

After Prescott’s grandson Dubya pulled a Sept 11 Coup their DC Corp’ invaded Afghanistan…

So that was stolen Rus-gold, Knight of Malta Aryan-descent Freemasons, plus US Fed treason…

But it’ll all work out just fine when Joe Biden (Finally) builds you back better won’t it America…

2 thoughts on “Relevant inconvenient truth for you?

  1. Most can’t wrap their heads around the generational mind control .
    I’ve shared , No one has contacted you?
    I am aware that everything is watched.


    1. I’ve asked US Military and American coppers as individuals or as a group to tell me precisely what Joe Biden accused me of to place me on the US Patriot Act proscribed persons list around 12 years ago, while he was Obama’s Veep, which would easily explain the stranglehold on free communication, but, most can’t wrap their heads around the mind control they’ve had since the Sept 11 Coup d’Etat on the US Constitution let alone the generational control going back to the creation of the DC Corporation 200+ years ago…


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