Now level with me, how dumb are you?

Sometimes the stupidity emanating from America annoys me, any time it’s not boring me…

Does the repetitive nature of the Aryan conspiracy in your DC corporation bore all of you too?

It certainly bores me, it’s done so since my early childhood where I’d often retreat to humor…

Now the bits below aren’t in any way humorous, they’re tragic, with a bit of schadenfreude…

Hopefully, this will be a simpler shorter post, one just for all of you simpler shorter people…

Come on, just level with me, all jokes aside, a Russian conspiracy thing, how stupid are you?

That moronic fake you call Trump is a Ukrainian-born cuz of the original DJ. Drumpf below…

You still can’t see the Russian conspiracy (Via Masonic lodges) that’s whored the USA all along?

Think there was ever a risk of Russian collusion with Dubya being Rasputin’s great-grandson?

Pommy comedian Sir John Cleese once said if people are incredibly stupid, then they’ll usually be too stupid to know how incredibly stupid they are, so I’ve been expecting too much of you peoples, after 210 very odd years under the jackboot of those illuminated Aryan owners of your DC Corp you American people are usually all a bit too stupid to know how incredibly stupid you are, aren’t you?

Would knowing Mueller and Lavrov are Prescott’s nephews make you feel any less stupid?

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