Do we dumb it all down any further?

Perhaps Washington already claims that featured graphic of Pompeo and Malenko is crazy?

Often if not always these posts of mine are edited to provide a few extra perspectives to people who may still be lucky enough to read them in the middle of the post-Patriot-Act Orwellian farce America has allowed itself to become ever since Sept-11 ~ Today, while listening to the Intelligence Oversight Committee on CSpam internet radio, the thought occurred to me that it might be useful to provide a definition of what crazy is so to that end, here’s my definition of what you could rightly call crazy and to me, this is just my opinion mind you, crazy is thinking that one jet could demolish one New York skyscraper, but two jets demolishing three of them is completely fcuking insane…

You’re getting really scary again America, scary-dumb, scary-stupid too, really fcuking stupid…

Still pretending you’ve no idea how all of the Afghan Lithium wound up in Communist China?

Respond to my Ohio-born 5th Amendment idiots, respond in a practical manner in real time…

All things considered, could all this possibly be dumbed-down again any further soldier-boys?

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