So Um, Washington begat Washington?

Disingenuous is the first word that springs to (My) mind from these few graphics posted today…

I’m still kinda stunned some days at how easily servile bitches let the government lie to them…

Take the Jan 6th debacle for example, perhaps as a distraction from the Afghan Lithium theft…

With the capital under lockdown, official passes needed to drive anywhere in the restricted area, wire fences surrounding the entire Capitol Hill complex, and the US Military patrolling everything behind the fences, the two greatest political intellects of our time secretly meet to form some sort of cohesive political strategy to deal with the Afghan Lithium crisis ~ Desperate to come up with a solution to their crisis they finally decided to re-run a previous rent-a-crowd riot from their earlier 2018 midterm election farce, then play whack-a-mole on all political positions each then takes…

Anyone heard anyone in govt speak about who got rich sending Afghan Lithium to CCP China?

Said has anyone heard anyone speak about who got rich sending Afghan Lithium to CCP China?

Anyone you know outside of a Masonic elite get rich from the DC corporation’s Afghan caper?

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