Honesty versus their 24\7 sheet show!

Make America great again was Reagan’s catchphrase, and once more with this guy below too…

One million + suspicious (Chemical slow-kill) deaths from a fake virus, but nobody is concerned?

I’ve a short human interest perspective to place in my post, it concerns unsolicited advice an ex US Military man gave to a little boy (Me) all of the way back in 1963 or maybe 1964 or thereabouts and so here’s a reasonably-verbatim accurate recollection of advice that man gave to that little boy…

He said “Don’t ever expect America to help you kid” ~ My response was simple, WHY  I’d asked him with my feigned childlike innocence, to that he replied “They’re cocksuckers” ~ Now tho Ohio-born I’d grown up right here in Australia so I’d never heard the term before, then I’d said rather haltingly, “WHAT ___ THEY ___ SUCK ___ COCK?” ~ He said “No no kid, well some of them do, no, they’re servile, they believe what they’re told even if they know it’s not true” ~ Sadly, a true accurate recollection…


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