Ever wonder what Russia be thinking?

You ever wonder what might be within Russia’s top-secret Sergey Lavrov report on America?

Ever wondered what was in the top-secret report by Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman?

If not, you ever wondered what may have been in Senator Prescott Bush’s top-secret report?

Or ever wonder what was in that top-secret report Jerome Powell and Yellen gave to Biden?

Ignoring Reaganomics, I’d remind the stupidest nation on earth what Washington sold you…

The big Russian-controlled Masonic criminal cabal in Washington claimed radical Islamic Cessna Pilots who learned how to fly large passenger jets in a Cessna flying school in Florida used two jets to demolish three skyscrapers in New York, so thus their US Military needed to invade Iraq to steal gold from Falujah, and then invade Afghanistan and send Afghan opium to Mexico while sending Afghan Lithium to the CCP in China to be refined into trillions of dollars worth of Lithium batteries, and for the most part, citizens of the stupidest nation on earth just bought it, didn’t you, sucker…

So I’ve always wondered about things, Washington’s official stories never did float my boat…

Still wait for my 5th Amendment, and to give my evidence on crimes against humanity too…

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