Is it think global and act local still?

None of my posts are written for the sake of poor humor, tho I’ll admit that sometimes there are some funny bits and some may find those funny bits to be in poor taste, nevermind ~ For the sake of any without real depth in the Machiavellian conspiratorial madness currently ruling this world my featured graphic of China’s Faux-Jinping plus Russian KGB general Malenko plus America’s ex CIA-Director x Secretary of State, isn’t meant to be funny ~ It’s just sarcasm, pure (Accurate) irony about the hidden realities of one of the Aryan father-and-sons bloodlines in play in the madness that is consuming common sense in the lies it promotes to confuse average folk ~ That said try to keep in mind the $8 billion dollars the American taxpayer spent in Afghanistan to deal with the opioid epidemic that saw Afghanistan become the largest producer of raw opium on the planet, and then the tens of billions also sent to supposedly fund a reconstruction project, one which at the time brought comments from Afghan locals about earthmoving equipment, plus dump trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and fuel depot equipment that you may think were only needed for a massive task of quarrying and trucking all the high-grade Lithium ore Washington sent to the CCP via the nearest railhead at the time, wherever that was back then, and then down to mainland China…

So Washington still be like, we dindu-nuffin folks, nuffin at-all, it’s what they always be like…

The United States of dindu-nuffin, not sure it’ll sell all that well in 2024 but then, Um, maybe…

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