When did human stupidity first begin?

But many of you already know the rest of that story from your Sunday School years don’t you… People have believed stupid shit from the very beginning haven’t they, maybe it’s time to stop? Not trying to insult you cretins, but if you are insulted, must’ve been something I’ve said Huh? So when did human […]

Deliberately forgetful again Skippy?

Saw Joanne Ratcliffe with her killer on the night of her murder, still waiting to give evidence… That’s Jane Beaumont, and I’m waiting to give evidence on her heinous torture and murder too… Joanne again below, I’m waiting to give evidence on what I’d witnessed the night of her death… This may be an uncomfortable […]

Evil on display, the Aryan’s in history…

Unless you were born congenitally stupid, please take the time to think about these graphics… Official stories stanketh (sic) like you’d expect 3-day-old cadavers to from the very beginning… Within the featured graphic today, an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magician named Jehovah slew all Egypt’s firstborn in the middle of the night after […]

Ya’ll still really-really sure America?

Okay, so I’m feeling a little bit sarcastic again, and I’m also feeling pretty fcuking accurate too… My graphics are meant to help untrained people think about Machiavellian real-world politics… Now don’t be idiots reader, don’t let those professional manipulators in Washington who sold you Cessna Pilots demolishing skyscrapers in New York and a mutating […]

The order of the ages is exigent now…

Every two years there’s an election, there was one two years ago, sometimes a new movie too… Seems like the world isn’t getting any smarter, matter of fact, it looks like it’s getting dumber… Every two years ever since WW2 the world got dumber, least in America it did, every two years… The Aryans played […]

And does America lack direction still?

Sarcasm, if beating the crap out of stupid people is either impossible, or simply just illegal… Almost as soon as the US Military was deployed in Afghanistan to quell a threat posed to the US Homeland by radical (Snigger) Islamic Cessna Pilots, earthmovers graders trucks and other heavy equipment was brought in at US taxpayer […]

An Iranian Masonic conspiracy theory!

Almost 80 years after Nazis stashed the looted gold in Crimea, an Iranian Masonic conspiracy… Aryan offspring of Rasputin have used the Masonic Lodge to wipe their ass with our humanity… It was Freemasons who wired the World Trade Center up, just an evil Luciferian criminal cabal… Any of you truly realize how completely insane […]