November the 8th for the simpletons?

Now is the time to respond to my Ohio-born 5th before their next Knight of Malta Masonic lie… You’re governed by a Masonic Aryan conspiracy, the Aryans are an Iranian bloodline Yankeez… The man below on the left is Prescott Bush’s illegitimate half-brother, they take you for fools… As you plainly see, whatever happens in […]

The District of Columbia head says so?

A cabal of Masonic clowns still claim a Chinese bat-virus pandemic ruined your economy Huh? Many Americans still seem clueless about how completely Masonic treason fcuks them over… As I’ve often stated in other posts in my various blogs over the last 10 or so years, there’s been a big all-encompassing conspiracy running things via […]

Just this simple timely warning folks…

In the medium to long term, these might prove to be the most serious blogs you’ll ever read… Don’t believe a god-damn thing unless you speak to me face-to-face, I’m not just a comedian… The Masonic establishment still seems to be trying to set-up an identity-swap on me, be wary… Not even Hitler is who […]

If you’re not free to tell your truths?

It’d be impossible to create a brief summary of the current world political structure using less than 20,000 words or thereabouts, even then the culture has been trained to be Twitterbrained (sic) and thus few would be able to concentrate long enough to read it, that said, allow me to remind Yanks the US Fed […]

Here’s Ad-Hominem, right back at you…

You were literally bankrupt yesterday, you’ll be bankrupt tomorrow, but do you feel bankrupt? Every so often the contempt Washington’s treasonous Masonic cabal shows to my Ohio-born 4th and 5th Amendments pisses me off to the point where I’m liable to say something that’s honest or else lucid practical and well thought-thru, like, it’s time […]

The old eternal false narrative trick?

Something to consider, Freemasons created Nazis and communists, not the other way round… And at the end of the day, a birth certificate is a piece of paper that may or may not be true… Heads-up Yankeez, rumors of Malcolm X’s faked assassination were greatly exaggerated… It isn’t rocket science, we’ve been manipulated by a […]

Wanna think about faking everything?

What about that bizarre similarity between HRH Windsor\Rasputin, or Windsor and Biden… Is it just a genetic abnormality that makes Kutschmann und Kirby look like father und Son? Or the stunning similarity between Heinrich Himmler and Bashir Assad, like father und son… You may have to think about it for yourselves with knowledge, insight, wisdom, […]

When everything is a lie, what’s next?

Ever wonder how an honest alien with a sense of humor might see our Masonic NWO farce? If you’re in a school on another planet outside of the USA, then here’s a real history lesson… Don’t forget where you’ve really been, or, you’ll never work out where you really are, will you… Just in case […]