I’m non-combatant enemy status still?

The phrase Козел Иуда means “Judas Goat“ in Russian, maybe it means that in Ukrainian too? Another look at the resemblance between 41’s father and Adolf Hitler, take a real good look… I’m still waiting to give evidence on crimes against humanity US Govt’ employees performed… I’ve grown tired of Washington’s denials, their spin, distractions, […]

Desperate predicament in Geopolitics?

Washington facilitates a (2006-10) Spetsnaz war crime cover-up with disingenuous fake news… Older people may still be aware an official declaration of war against Vietnam was never made and much the same can be said for the US carpet bombing of Cambodia ~ No official declaration of war was made against either nation, yet the […]

The constant fear of total exposure…

An economist from Turkey is predicting division between America and Um, China, so read-on… Some days you just make me wonder America, other days, I’ve no doubt at all you dumbasses… The psychological technique that Masonic–Washington uses for the sake of total control is simply smothering all possible practical and theoretical responses with a wall […]

The secret smells of the Freemasons…

The Nazi below, Odessa SS Kutschmann, is an illegitimate half-brother of that woman above… My alternative title for this post is “An incredible stench of stupidity” ~ You get it do you Britain? What about you Russia, is any of this beginning to melt all the permafrost between your ears? Aand you America, precisely which […]

Shorter list of hypocritical idiocies…

Has anyone noticed that average Americans appear to be getting noticeably dumber of late? There’s the original Donald J. Drumpf (sic) pictured above opposite his mother, Mary Drumpf… They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, well that’s about 20,000 words already right there… Sure are dumb sumbitches aren’t you, all they gotta do […]

Deliberately forgetful again Skippy?

Saw Joanne Ratcliffe with her killer on the night of her murder, still waiting to give evidence… That’s Jane Beaumont, and I’m waiting to give evidence on her heinous torture and murder too… Joanne again below, I’m waiting to give evidence on what I’d witnessed the night of her death… This may be an uncomfortable […]

Well it’s just my bloody opinion then…

Having passed those moments Washington has to protect elections, I’ve got something to say… It concerns America at a time before the MAGA–meltdown when the greatest nation in the world was dreaming an American dream, the day Ronald Reagan took office, a glorious day in American history when the forces of goodness and niceness plus […]

Evil on display, the Aryan’s in history…

Unless you were born congenitally stupid, please take the time to think about these graphics… Official stories stanketh (sic) like you’d expect 3-day-old cadavers to from the very beginning… Within the featured graphic today, an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magician named Jehovah slew all Egypt’s firstborn in the middle of the night after […]

Damn, now someone is definitely crazy!

We’re in really big trouble right now and, Um, believe it or not, much of it’s your fault America… Believe it or not, it’s Prescott’s grandson and Rasputin’s great-grandson in the graphic above… And that’s a recent or current head Freemason in the graphic above here, Britain’s new king… Bearing in mind Britain’s new king […]