Evil on display, the Aryan’s in history…

Unless you were born congenitally stupid, please take the time to think about these graphics… Official stories stanketh (sic) like you’d expect 3-day-old cadavers to from the very beginning… Within the featured graphic today, an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Abrahamic cosmic magician named Jehovah slew all Egypt’s firstborn in the middle of the night after […]

The roles of the Masonic Judas Goats…

What could they want a treason amnesty for, what could they ever want a treason amnesty for? Rasputin’s real father was an Iranian, he arranged a US birth certificate for one son, Prescott… From one comedian to another, Ya-sure-do look like Ya-father Josef too don’t you Volodymyr… Before they derail my focus again, here’s more […]

An Iranian Masonic conspiracy theory!

Almost 80 years after Nazis stashed the looted gold in Crimea, an Iranian Masonic conspiracy… Aryan offspring of Rasputin have used the Masonic Lodge to wipe their ass with our humanity… It was Freemasons who wired the World Trade Center up, just an evil Luciferian criminal cabal… Any of you truly realize how completely insane […]

A United States of National Socialism?

Only servile cocksuckers would let the world’s Freemasons define what this blog is inferring… As a very young child being tortured brainwashed and pimped by the Central Intelligence Agency of America, some of my real father’s brother’s sons (My cousins) informed me my birth mother had been murdered, and her killers were what Hitler called […]

Multi-layered Masonic complexities…

All politics is local a lady said to me today, as much to remind me as to diminish my perspective? See that lady above, she’s literally the half-sister of the Nazi below, so now I’ll tell you a story… But then again, maybe I’ll tell you the story some other day, after some real support […]

Stunning display of Aryan psychosis…

You’d need a brief (But broad) overview of world history to grasp these political perspectives… Washington are still lying, they’re lying about me, they’ll lie about everything, better ask why… I’ve grown tired of explaining things Yankeez, or attempting to explain them, get a clue soon… Perhaps that pun of mine about Texan oilmen giving […]

The Russian-Aryan Masonic deception!

Another Rasputin grandson next to his father, sure are dumb sumbitches aren’t you America… Extra, read all about it, some Aryan folk look almost exactly like other Aryan folk’s relatives… You may have heard Germany’s Fuhrer faked his death, he did, so did Rasputin and Stalin too… This one is a very heavy read, its […]