An Iranian Masonic conspiracy theory!

Almost 80 years after Nazis stashed the looted gold in Crimea, an Iranian Masonic conspiracy… Aryan offspring of Rasputin have used the Masonic Lodge to wipe their ass with our humanity… It was Freemasons who wired the World Trade Center up, just an evil Luciferian criminal cabal… Any of you truly realize how completely insane […]

Your whore of Babylon is boring me…

Just a joke Washington keeps saying, it’s all just a joke, according to them this is all just a joke… Well it’s not just a joke, these are probably the most serious blogs that you will ever read, ever… Joanne Ratcliffe’s torture-killer above, a Prescott Bush half-brother, both are Rasputin’s sons… By the age of […]

November the 8th for the simpletons?

Now is the time to respond to my Ohio-born 5th before their next Knight of Malta Masonic lie… You’re governed by a Masonic Aryan conspiracy, the Aryans are an Iranian bloodline Yankeez… The man below on the left is Prescott Bush’s illegitimate half-brother, they take you for fools… As you plainly see, whatever happens in […]

A United States of National Socialism?

Only servile cocksuckers would let the world’s Freemasons define what this blog is inferring… As a very young child being tortured brainwashed and pimped by the Central Intelligence Agency of America, some of my real father’s brother’s sons (My cousins) informed me my birth mother had been murdered, and her killers were what Hitler called […]

The District of Columbia head says so?

A cabal of Masonic clowns still claim a Chinese bat-virus pandemic ruined your economy Huh? Many Americans still seem clueless about how completely Masonic treason fcuks them over… As I’ve often stated in other posts in my various blogs over the last 10 or so years, there’s been a big all-encompassing conspiracy running things via […]

Should these blog-posts be censored?

A bipartisan (Masonic) consensus keeps claiming my blogs are just a joke, so here’s just a joke… Two political mushrooms down in Texas were sitting on an old pile of horseshit from Dealy Plaza, both are discussing their upcoming US federal elections this November, arguing about how each party is claiming to have a correct […]

Just this simple timely warning folks…

In the medium to long term, these might prove to be the most serious blogs you’ll ever read… Don’t believe a god-damn thing unless you speak to me face-to-face, I’m not just a comedian… The Masonic establishment still seems to be trying to set-up an identity-swap on me, be wary… Not even Hitler is who […]