I’m non-combatant enemy status still?

The phrase Козел Иуда means “Judas Goat“ in Russian, maybe it means that in Ukrainian too? Another look at the resemblance between 41’s father and Adolf Hitler, take a real good look… I’m still waiting to give evidence on crimes against humanity US Govt’ employees performed… I’ve grown tired of Washington’s denials, their spin, distractions, […]

Relevant inconvenient truth for you?

Not too smart the American voter, noticed how much Prescott and Hitler look like brothers? Before moving on, notice again Prescott and Germany’s Fuhrer look like brothers, the reason they do is that both were illegitimate sons of the Russian-born Iranian Rasputin, whoever their mother really was, often Rasputin would inseminate cousins by force, anyway […]

Restate the (Fcuking) obvious again?

World’s run by an old Masonic conspiracy of Aryan-descent cousins, get a clue before WW3… Surprise America, Prescott Bush’s nephew is currently Russia’s foreign secretary too as well… And Donaldo’ TRumpF? ~ His real (Ukrainian) mother was a half-sister to Lavrov’s real father… See how that woman looks like the Nazi above her ~ Pay […]

Nov 8th two thousand & twenty two?

Let’s hear it for the greatest nation in the world, come-on everybody, Hooray, Hooray, Hooraay… There’s an election on so here’s my election comments right here ~ Enjoy the rest of my post… Treason hasn’t bankrupted America, it’s just got an anal-virginity deficiency-syndrome, right? Right under your noses, right under your fcuking noses, and the […]

The roles of the Masonic Judas Goats…

What could they want a treason amnesty for, what could they ever want a treason amnesty for? Rasputin’s real father was an Iranian, he arranged a US birth certificate for one son, Prescott… From one comedian to another, Ya-sure-do look like Ya-father Josef too don’t you Volodymyr… Before they derail my focus again, here’s more […]

Some truly stunning hypocrisy now…

When it comes to hypocrisy you gotta take your hats off and bow to America’s Masonic Lodges… The context of this particular post was to remind America that Washington DC is (Always) lying… Apart from that, from highlighting the reason for their Ukraine lies, I’ve not much else to say… Other than to propose the […]