Your whore of Babylon is boring me…

Just a joke Washington keeps saying, it’s all just a joke, according to them this is all just a joke… Well it’s not just a joke, these are probably the most serious blogs that you will ever read, ever… Joanne Ratcliffe’s torture-killer above, a Prescott Bush half-brother, both are Rasputin’s sons… By the age of […]

A United States of National Socialism?

Only servile cocksuckers would let the world’s Freemasons define what this blog is inferring… As a very young child being tortured brainwashed and pimped by the Central Intelligence Agency of America, some of my real father’s brother’s sons (My cousins) informed me my birth mother had been murdered, and her killers were what Hitler called […]

Deception thru controlling dialogue…

Nothing is as you were told, it never was, it was all a deception via controlling your dialogue… Take the national debt for example, the real debt after a Nazi-gold x Reaganomics asset-strip that consumed the entire (Fully cashed-up) Social Security fund Slick Willy cashed in and used to pay the interest due in his […]

Dissenting from the official delusion…

It’s a treasonous headfcuk, I’d explain it to you but you won’t understand if you don’t want to… A man could be born in Russia of an Iranian father, or born in Russia of a Russian father, idiots… Two of Prescott’s illegitimate sons told me that, about Prescott, and his real father, Rasputin… Evidentally deceiving […]

I’m still disagreeing with you alright?

Dubya’s grandfather once owned a company that was building supervisor for the Twin Towers… If you’re not a complete idiot then it explains how the Twin Towers were fitted with high-tech Tesla generators that pull electricity straight from the earth’s magnetic field, shades of the crap you’re all sold about sustainable carbon-neutral power generation methods, […]

Explaining this civilization to aliens…

Imagine you’re explaining our civilization to aliens, starting with Christ’s resurrected cadaver… You have to backtrack a little as, merely for context, you explain how Moses parts the Red Sea… You’re gonna look pretty stupid (To aliens) unless you can explain how everything became a lie… Explain Afghan opium getting to Mexico then stateside via […]

The old eternal false narrative trick?

Something to consider, Freemasons created Nazis and communists, not the other way round… And at the end of the day, a birth certificate is a piece of paper that may or may not be true… Heads-up Yankeez, rumors of Malcolm X’s faked assassination were greatly exaggerated… It isn’t rocket science, we’ve been manipulated by a […]

Your treason will be the death of you!

Looks like I’m doomed to never post another blog without sarcasm in it until Jesus returns… So here’s another droll pun, but beware reader, it has undercurrents of radical disrespect… Four half-brothers go for a walk in Central Park, their names were Dumbo, DoDo, Dildo, and Duh, Dumbo turns to DoDo and asks him whether […]

Got some bad news, and worse news…

There are some things some people don’t grasp concerning that Aryan Masonic conspiracy… It’s an Aryan conspiracy that’s quite literally 1000’s of years old, and, it’s run by (Um) Aryans… An Aryan is literally a specific bloodline that began in Iran approximately 10,000 years ago… One of the techniques they use to keep the population […]