A single stupid joke about democracy…

No jets hit any skyscrapers on Sept 11 did they, admit it, you been dcik-lickety stupid America… Never fear, a head of World Freemasonry just became the British monarch, he’ll fix everything… And all that stuff about stolen Afghan Lithium will all get buried under the sands of time right? In the middle of all […]

Rewriting erroneous official stories…

The story thus far… Average Americans have long been conditioned to think of the US Federal Reserve banking system to be their bank, as in, the country’s central bank, which it is, however, like the District of Columbia corporation their bank is 100% a private corporation with private owners ~ Even at this late a […]

The District of Columbia head says so?

A cabal of Masonic clowns still claim a Chinese bat-virus pandemic ruined your economy Huh? Many Americans still seem clueless about how completely Masonic treason fcuks them over… As I’ve often stated in other posts in my various blogs over the last 10 or so years, there’s been a big all-encompassing conspiracy running things via […]

Deception thru controlling dialogue…

Nothing is as you were told, it never was, it was all a deception via controlling your dialogue… Take the national debt for example, the real debt after a Nazi-gold x Reaganomics asset-strip that consumed the entire (Fully cashed-up) Social Security fund Slick Willy cashed in and used to pay the interest due in his […]

NATO-Ho-Ho, full faith and credibility…

Seems timely to do this post now, featuring some of the various headers I’ve posted thus far… The current one now featuring the idiocy of Moses parting the Red Sea and the WTC7 collapse… That anyone, let alone Americans, could allow a political system to sell them the idiotic idea that Saudi Cessna Pilots trained […]

If you’re not free to tell your truths?

It’d be impossible to create a brief summary of the current world political structure using less than 20,000 words or thereabouts, even then the culture has been trained to be Twitterbrained (sic) and thus few would be able to concentrate long enough to read it, that said, allow me to remind Yanks the US Fed […]

Here’s Ad-Hominem, right back at you…

You were literally bankrupt yesterday, you’ll be bankrupt tomorrow, but do you feel bankrupt? Every so often the contempt Washington’s treasonous Masonic cabal shows to my Ohio-born 4th and 5th Amendments pisses me off to the point where I’m liable to say something that’s honest or else lucid practical and well thought-thru, like, it’s time […]

To be bankrupt or not to be bankrupt!

You fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, and Umm? Poor America, she’s been pimped and whored for so long now, treated like a common slut… It’s been 80+ years since Knight of Malta Freemasons wrecked Europe to steal all their gold… But back […]

My 5-minute blog for the NWO servile!

For awhile I’d labored under the illusion folk weren’t quite as dumb as they appear to be… But at the age of 65 I’m ready to admit I’d been wrong, the entire fcuking world is batshit… Repeating an old Ukrainian crisis as if it happened again is a symptom of a larger malaise…  

The District of Columbia Corporation!

What if a devil only existed in the hearts and minds of evil men and women, think about it… The battle between good and evil was taking place between their ears and their assholes… Often if not always funded by whatever money DC Corporation directors wanted to spend… They were (And are) always doing that, […]